Buying a Home

Looking to buy your first home? Or buying your next home, whether you are looking to upsize, downsize or even move to a new area? Let Invictus guide you through the process and find the best loan product that suits your current and future needs!

Investing in Property

Would you like to make your money work for you? Property investment can help you build wealth. How have the government changes to investment loans impacted you? Increases in interest rates and LVR? SMSF? Confused? Then allow Invictus to explain and take away the worry with their extensive and in depth knowledge.

Refinance / Consolidation

If you are looking for a new loan with a better rate and more features or would like to consolidate your debts into one easy to manage repayment and save interest. The team at Invictus have over 50 years’ experience in helping people make those difficult decisions easy.

Professional Packages

Package up your loans and enjoy special discounts on interest rates, credit cards, bank accounts and insurance. Pay one annual fee, with no additional application, annual card or monthly service fees. Packages are available for professionals and non-professionals alike.

Building or Renovating

Whether you are building a new home, or making improvements to your current one, being prepared can make the experience easier. Some of these loans can be quite daunting so let Invictus take away the confusion and guide you through the process and find the loan/s that best suit your needs.

Buying a Car

Invictus - Buy a Car

Whether you’re upgrading your ride or adding to your garage, let Invictus find you the right product at a great rate. Use your new car as security to borrow at a lower rate than an unsecured personal loan