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The best business loans are built on good relationships and clear objectives. These loans can be for anything from buying new premises to sourcing private funding or acquiring a new franchise. We provide you with valuable advice, resources and contacts to ensure your business is set up for success.

Commercial property

Buying commercial property is an important part of the wealth creation strategy for many of our clients. Whether you’re looking to purchase a commercial office, a factory or a retail shop, we can provide the right advice to help you make an informed investment decision.

The lending requirements for buying a commercial property differ from a residential property purchase. Lenders require a larger deposit from you and will also look at the strength of your proposed lease agreement. You may even be looking to purchase a commercial property for your own business to occupy. We can help you calculate repayments to decide if this strategy will help liberate you financially.

Not only is a loan structure important to discuss with commercial property, but getting advice from your accountant on an ownership structure is imperative before purchasing a commercial property.

“We purchased our first commercial property in 2016. This was a very big financial decision and having the support of the team at Invictus really helped. They gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with the planning of our finances by streamlining the process. Their professional approach gave us the assurance we needed.” RM and LM

Business funding

Assisting our clients to grow and expand their business operations is a rewarding and inspiring experience. We’ve been fortunate enough to help countless business owners with loan facilities to assist with cash flow, growth and acquisition funding.

The opportunities and challenges of being a business owner mean that you need a finance partner who knows the range of funding options available. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of business funding and can provide advice on all funding options. We have close relationships with our lenders, which means we can negotiate a competitive deal for your business banking requirements.

“From humble beginnings, our pharmacy business has grown with the help of the dedicated team at Invictus. They have been able to assist us with all our business financing, with the team going out of their way to negotiate the best rates for us and always finding a way to get the deal through. We look forward to taking our business to the next level with you.” DN and TT

Debtor finance

Having consistent cash flow is vital for any business to survive.

One tool used by many businesses to help with cash flow is debtor finance. This facility works for businesses that sell goods to other businesses and raise an invoice once the goods have been delivered. Generally, payment for these goods is not made for 30 days, but in some cases it can be even longer. Under a debtor finance arrangement, an invoice will be sent to the lender, and once verified, payment will be made to the business’s account.

Although there is a cost when using debtor finance, many businesses are willing to absorb that cost into their margin to make sure their cash flow is consistent.

“The cash flow in our commercial cleaning company was stressful because people would not pay our invoices on time for work already done. At the same time, our wages and rent still had to be paid. The debtor finance facility we got through Invictus improved our cash flow, so our invoices would be paid within seven days, rather than waiting months” DH

Private funding

Financial pressure and stress from irregular cash flow and business disputes mean many businesses simply don’t survive. Although businesses may be asset rich in property or equipment, banks might not lend money to them while they are under financial pressures.

We have access to private funding options that have been instrumental in helping distressed business operators out of their predicament. These funds are secured by a mortgage on property and are borrowed on a short-term basis, generally 6 – 12 months. We will work with you to ensure the loan is repaid from the sale of the asset or refinance with a mainstream lender.

Private funding can be used for a variety of business purposes including settlement of business disputes, payment of ATO and trade debts and refinancing of existing business facilities. The costs of borrowing for private funding is higher than bank options, so having a clear plan to repay the debt is crucial.

“We used private funds arranged by Invictus to settle a business dispute and avoided a lengthy legal matter. Having access to the funds within seven days meant we negotiated a settlement quickly and moved on with our business.” GR

Buying a business

An exciting, and daunting, part of many of our clients’ financial journey is making the decision to quit their current employment and start their own business. We’ve been a key part of the decision-making team for many clients who’ve made this transition, so we understand all the details that need to be covered.

Getting an accurate understanding of your future cash flow is vital, especially if you already have existing loan commitments in place.

If we’re looking to raise finance to assist with the purchase or cash flow of a business, the lender will require that you have carried out due diligence on the proposed business and have a clear plan for operations.

We can provide you with valuable advice, resources and contacts to ensure your new business is set up for success.

“We used Invictus to help get our business loan to purchase our business in 2015. Buying the business was not an easy transaction, but with the advice and support from Invictus, it settled and we could not be happier.”  NB and BB

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