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At Invictus we source finance for all types of vehicle and equipment needs to support your lifestyle or business. From cars and planes to specialist business equipment, we can provide you with a range of quotes within hours.

Buying a new car

At each step of your financial journey, you’ll need a car that is right for your lifestyle and your budget. Most cars depreciate quickly after buying them, so making an educated decision is key to achieving financial freedom.

From our panel of lenders, we can quickly provide you with a quote, organise settlement and have you driving off in your new car in no time. Whether your car is for business or pleasure, our team is here to provide you with a finance solution. We can also work closely with your accountant to generate maximum tax benefits.

Connect with our team to get on the road.

Equipment finance

New equipment is essential to improve a business’s productivity and profit. Although we may not understand the intricacies of your business, we’ve helped businesses access funding for everything from computer systems and drills to tractors and aeroplanes.

Understanding a lender’s appetite for equipment funding is vital. We have close relationships with each of our lenders, which means we can provide a competitive solution.

Our team can also discuss your purchase with your accountant to make sure we structure your loan in the most tax effective manner.

“Our company has used Invictus to finance our last two pieces of equipment. The latest one being a CNC Vertical Machining Centre we purchased two years ago. The Invictus team got the loan done without any fuss and we will use them if we need finance again.” PM

Chattel mortgage

One of the most popular finance solutions for a business is a chattel mortgage. Under this loan structure, you can take ownership of your car or equipment and the lender will secure a mortgage over the chattel, which is a similar arrangement to a mortgage on your home.

Many accountants advise their clients to use a chattel mortgage due to the tax deductions available and the opportunity to claim the full GST as an input credit on your next business activity statement. You will also have the certainty of fixed monthly payments for the duration of the loan.

“We were quoted a rate of 5% from a dealer and Invictus looked at the contracts, we were really being charged over 7%. We have now used Invictus for our last four car loans for our business. They get them done quickly and are always transparent with the rate.” CW

Hire purchase

Under a hire purchase arrangement, the lender will purchase a vehicle or equipment on your behalf. You then hire this asset from the lender, and commit to fixed repayments over the term.

Once the final payment is made on the loan, you will take ownership of the asset. During the term of the hire purchase, you also have the option to pay out the hire purchase arrangement and take early ownership of the asset.

Businesses that enter into a hire purchase agreement can claim the interest on repayments and depreciation as a tax deduction.

“I have financed my last two hire purchases with Invictus. They are easy to deal with and make sure I am getting the best deal each time.”  FD

Novated lease

If you’re an employee, a novated lease could provide some attractive benefits. A novated lease is a three-way agreement between you, your employer and the lender. Under the agreement, you lease the car from the lender and your employer makes the repayments on the loan from your pre-tax earnings. Paying for a new car and the running costs from pre-tax earnings has been a tax effective strategy for many of our clients.

It’s important to discuss a novated lease with your accountant to ascertain whether the benefits are valuable to you.

“My accountant advised me to get a novated lease for a new car to reduce my tax bill. I had no idea how to get this done. Invictus have always done my mortgage work, so I knew they would get it sorted out. The novated lease has been running for three months and I am rapt with the service from Invictus.” LB

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