Investment Loans


From commercial warehouse construction and land subdivisions to apartment and townhouse developments, property investment can be a fantastic way to build wealth and secure your financial future. While obtaining this finance can be complex, we educate our clients along the way to make the process is both clear and rewarding.

Property Investment

Liberating people financially can mean providing advice to create wealth through property investment. We’ve helped many clients to control their financial future and retire comfortably in this way.

Purchasing an investment property can provide many advantages including capital growth and tax benefits of negative gearing and depreciation. In consultation with your accountant, we can structure an investment loan to maximise these financial benefits and assist with growing your property portfolio.

Buying an investment property can be a minefield of opinions from friends, media experts and family on the right choice for you. Having the right team around you and getting the right advice from trusted advisors will make the process of buying an investment property much less stressful.

Our team has a wealth of experience with property investment. We can meet with you to discuss your plan for buying an investment property, including the loan options available, to give you a complete understanding of the process.

“I have had the privilege of using Invictus as my mortgage broker for ten years, and throughout this time I have purchased and sold several properties. On each occasion, the team have been fantastic. From making sure documents arrive on time to negotiating the best rates and structure possible, they ensure the process always runs smoothly.“ TS

Constructing an investment property

If part of your property investment plan involves constructing a single or multi-residential property, we have the experience, networks and knowledge to provide you with a range of funding options.

We can give you advice on the loan structure options and guide you through the requirements for the banks. We will work together with your architect, builder, project manager and real estate agents to help make your property investment plan a success.

Having a plan and understanding your risks are important components for any property investment construction. We can show you the strategies to help execute your plan and minimise your risks.

“We elected to subdivide our home and build a new townhouse behind us. With the advice from Invictus, we got the loan approved and built our investment property. The team knew the whole process extremely well and gave us the support we need to make our dream a reality. Thank you Invictus.” DG

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) loans

As part of a diverse wealth creation plan, the acquisition of property through a self-managed super fund (SMSF) has become increasingly popular. Under this arrangement, an SMSF has the capacity to purchase a residential and commercial property for investment purposes. Having an SMSF gives clients the capacity to control their own destiny with their retirement planning and ensure their path to financial freedom is well guarded.

Buying property through an SMSF is highly regulated and places many restrictions on borrowing. The SMSF does not own the property directly as the asset is held via a bare trust company. The loan is a limited recourse facility and the repayments are made through rental income from the asset and contributions made to your SMSF.

Getting independent advice from your financial planner or wealth partner is paramount before deciding to proceed with this plan, and our team understands the regulatory and finance requirements for purchasing through your SMSF.

“Moving into the SMSF space was both new and exciting as we saw an opportunity to make “bricks and mortar” our future. Working with Invictus, the process and, more importantly, the advice, made the transition both educational and efficient. This was our first asset purchase via our new SMSF and it won’t be our last with Invictus.” MB

Development finance

Property development can provide lucrative returns but it can also be a recipe for disaster if you enter this world without a plan or the right team around you.

We have assisted developers with funding for their projects including multi-level apartment buildings, factory developments and land subdivisions. We have relationships with key professionals in this space and we work closely with valuers, quantity surveyors, builders, project managers and real estate agents.

At each stage of the process, we provide our clients with advice on funding requirements to mitigate risk. Having been a part of many successful development projects, we understand the key factors that need to be addressed to ensure the best possible outcome.

“In 2014, I built eight townhouses in Hadfield and Invictus arranged the loan to get the project done. They knew what the banks would require and arranged the valuer and quantity surveyor and worked with our builder and agents to get the pre-sales. Without their support, this development would not have got funded. I now use them for all of our developments” RN

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