Elie Ayoub


During Elie’s time at LaTrobe studying commerce, he learnt two things quickly: accounting wasn’t for him, but finance certainly was. It sparked a fire in him and led to working in superannuation brokerage, followed by a vast array of roles at Westpac and Bank of Melbourne. Elie gained experience in financial planning including SMSF, deposits and shares, moving onto residential, business, commercial and corporate loans in his next role.

Elie wanted to take his knowledge and like all business owners, do things a little differently. He believes that there is often a siloed approach to finance whereas the best way to work with clients is a harmonious one. Elie is passionate about working with SME’s, learning what inspires them, how they started and why. Being able to create a customised service for them based on listening to their story is what he loves most about his role.

 Elie can site the lyrics to any Prince song, whilst cooking up a mean BBQ for his friends and family. You’ll find him preaching to his (already converted) sons about the Mighty Carlton Football Club and taking long drives, then walks, at the beach on the weekend.

John Cassar


With impressive experience in the finance industry ranging from sales, product management and project roles, John’s numbers brain combined with his enjoyment of fostering long term relationships with his clients makes him someone you’ll want to work with.

John was instrumental in rebuilding the debtor finance product at NAB following the GFC and has many leadership feathers in his cap too, exemplified by his running of the wonderful Invictus team today.

He preceded his career at Marcellin College (where he met Elie), and then with a Commerce degree from LaTrobe, polishing his skills with additional diplomas in finance and mortgage broking.

Making the move to business ownership was a natural one for John as his most loved part of the role is helping clients’ businesses succeed, being able to draw on his own experiences and skillset to do so. He doesn’t believe being an advisor and a friend should be mutually exclusive.

Whilst John is surrounded by women at home with three daughters and a beautiful wife, he makes up for the lack of testosterone by watching and participating in as many sports as possible with fishing, footy (Essendon only, thanks), soccer and squash being some of his favourites. John also loves travel – ask him about his favourite trips abroad next time you catch up!

Vanessa Ross

Business Operations Manager

Vanessa fell into the broking world by chance when she was applied for an apprenticeship with Wizard Home Loans, loved it, and never looked back. She learnt about the industry and then moved into various roles within banks where she met Elie, working under him for a few years. Vanessa has been mentored by some of the best in the business and when a role opened at Invictus, it was a no brainer for Elie to welcome her back into his team.

Continually learning something new every day and working with people from all walks of life is what Vanessa loves about her job most. Being part of the Invictus team from its infancy is something she’s incredibly proud of.

Cheeseboards, red wine, coffee, Essendon FC, Australian Bulldogs, family, and friends are a few of her favourite things – not in that order of course!

Jaison Francis

Senior Broker Associate

After 13 of his 16 years in the banking and finance industry was spent at one of the big four banks, Jaison wanted a change of pace that allowed him to work more closely with his clients, making a difference to people’s lives with the Invictus team. He loves using the vast knowledge and experience gained over the last few years to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Finding solutions for clients in varied situations, in different life stages and financial positions is a challenge that Jaison enjoys meeting. Joining Invictus was an easy decision, with shared values around both internal culture and client service expectations.

A life long learner, Jaison is always up-skilling or researching, particularly in anything and everything tech related. Outside of work, you’ll find him spending time with his two boys, playing sport and gaming.

Morgaine McQueen

Broker Associate

With a diverse professional background and experience, Morgaine brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table.

Morgaine’s strength lies in her proficiency in Residential, Commercial, and SMSF lending, allowing her to navigate various financial landscapes with ease.

She is adept at building strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions. Her analytical mindset and numerical prowess enable her to delve deep into clients’ financial positions, ensuring comprehensive and strategic advice.

One of Morgaine’s notable qualities is her deep understanding of her clients. Having worked with numerous client in all different employment spaces and sectors, she comprehends the unique challenges and financial intricacies they face.

This knowledge enables her to offer specialised guidance and solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of clients and professionals.

Goal oriented, driven and a passion for excellence, Morgaine has consistently delivered outstanding outcomes within strict deadlines. Her dedication and determination have earned her notable achievements throughout her career, solidifying her reputation as a reliable and results-oriented professional.

With Morgaine, clients can expect a dynamic and proactive approach, as she goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

Her commitment to achieving success for her clients, is unwavering, making her a trusted partner in their financial journey.

Outside of work you’ll find Morgaine exploring rural Victoria, venturing up to her mum’s farm and walking Gus, her four year old french mastiff.

Sabrina Saharudin

Broker Associate

After graduating with distinction from her economics and finance degree, Sabrina dived head first into the broking world, learning the ropes of everything from pre-assessment to post-settlement.

A numbers and people person, Sabrina loves applying her financial literacy to broking because it means she can help clients achieve huge things (like a first home purchase) and smaller things (like re-financing a loan) – both of which she gets a lot of enjoyment and reward from.

Outside of broking, Sabrina can tell you all about scuba diving, Malaysian cooking and her love of cats (just ask her how many she has adopted). Boring is not a word you’d use to describe her! An ideal weekend looks like gym, brunch and another skill – embroidery – to finish up the day.

Ayshe Ozkara-Rust

Broker Associate

Ayshe embarked on a commercial banking career after snagging a coveted position in the Westpac Cadetship Program. Moving into broking was meant to be after she built a relationship with us through her Westpac position. The career move ticked two must-haves in Ayshe’s ambitious books: the role had to be challenging and it needed to involve helping people.

Ayshe enjoys the fast-paced environment we work in, delivering outcomes on a deadline and being able to dive into a clients financial position to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Building relationships with her clients is what Ayshe loves most about broking; she’s a people-person through and through.

Outside of work, family is everything to Ayshe and she’s incredibly proud of her close-knit clan. She’s also passionate about the environment and walks the talk with volunteering positions for everything from litter collection to data collection on native flora and fauna. Ayshe and her family also volunteer at the Woodend animal shelter where they head to on weekends, walking the dogs, playing with the kittens and cats. A real life angel!

Robyn Dods

Client Settlements Manager

Robyn’s caring nature can be seen in her initial career path of teaching, where she spent time as a relief teacher whilst also working in admin at a financial planning firm. As you can see, the finance path won out and she made her way through various roles until she became a certified Financial Planner, enjoying the position she’d worked for years to get qualified in.

Robyn’s girls, now 11 and 13, took priority for a while and she was fortunate enough to be a full time mum for some years. It didn’t take long for her to find her career feet again with a project manager role that led to working with mortgage brokers.

Robyn loves nothing more than helping clients turn their dreams into their reality.

Outside of work, you’ll find Robyn dreaming of their next family holiday, with much of Australia, the UK, Italy and Spain already being ticked off the list, watching and playing netball, and ideally heading down to Inverloch to visit her parents and the beach.

Joshua Ayoub

Client Relations Manager

Joshua is the Client Relations Manager at Invictus Finance Solutions, specializing in everything post-settlement. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals, ensuring that they are always on the best interest rate possible for their loans.

As a Commerce student at La Trobe University, Joshua is constantly expanding his knowledge and staying up to date with the latest industry trends and strategies. He brings this expertise to his role, providing exceptional service and support to clients in a discreet and professional manner.

When he is not working, Joshua enjoys spending time at the beach with loved ones, playing tennis, hitting the gym, and cheering on his favourite football club, Carlton.

Tristan Rayner

Client Relations Manager

Currently completing a bachelors in economics and finance, Tristan is passionate about exploring the power of finance to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s through investments, budgeting, or other financial planning tools, Tristan believes that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve financial security and independence.

Apart from his academic pursuits, Tristan has a love for cooking and fermenting his own wine. He finds that preparing a meal is a creative outlet that helps him unwind and relax, and he enjoys experimenting with new recipes and flavours and putting his own spin on classic recipes. Tristan also has a love for history, especially historical economics.

He finds that understanding the evolution of economic systems and their impact on society over time is crucial to comprehending the economic challenges we face today. Tristan enjoys diving into the works of great economists throughout history and learning about their theories and contributions.

Chad Abbas

Client Relations Manager

Chad is a banking and finance graduate with a passion for the finance sector and working with people. Having studied at prestigious institutions in Lebanon, Chad holds a degree in banking and finance, and has honed his skills through practical experience in the field, both abroad and here in Australia.

From a young age, Chad has always been drawn to the world of finance. He finds the intricacies of financial analysis and forecasting fascinating and enjoys working with clients to develop tailored solutions that help them achieve their goals. Moreover, working with people every day is something that he truly loves.

Aside from his academic pursuits and work in finance, Chad is an avid sports enthusiast with a particular interest in rugby. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching rugby, and has developed a deep appreciation for the physical and mental challenges the sport presents.

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