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Buying a home is an overwhelming experience. Not only do you need to find the right property, you also need to find the right loan. At Invictus, we help you choose the best option by empowering you with the right information. This is the feeling of being financially liberated.

Buying a home

We take the time to understand your financial situation and goals before recommending a loan product that suits your requirements. That’s because when selecting a home loan, it’s not just the interest rate that determines the most suitable product. How you want to control your cash flow and manage your loan after settlement will dictate the loan structure we suggest.

We strive to understand your budget and provide education about loan strategies that have been proven to work. We explain the whole process in a down-to-earth way and make sure you understand the product options and how to use them effectively. We clarify the complex world of financial investment, cut out the jargon and empower people with the knowledge to move forward.

We’ve shown clients how to shave ten years off their loan by setting up their loan structure the right way.

Clear communication & extensive choice

We understand that communication is fundamental to any relationship. Not only do we provide regular updates during your loan application, we also provide regular reviews of your mortgage after settlement to ensure your loan is still the best option for you moving forward.

We have good relationships with over 30 lenders including all of the major banks, credit unions and second tier lending institutions. This extensive range of options means we can find the loan that will best serve your needs.

Refinancing your loan

In the highly competitive world of mortgages, the banks are always promoting special offers and new products. It’s crucial that we find the right loan product for each stage of your financial journey.

The loan that was established for you four years ago might not be the most suitable option for you today. We work closely with you to provide expert advice and education about the current loan options from over 30 lenders.

Remember, refinancing your loan can potentially mean a lower interest rate and save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, but understanding how to use your loan structure is also highly valuable.

Connect with us for a loan review by one of our specialist credit advisers.

“Our new loan and structure is working really well. We are not spending unnecessarily, so watching the mortgage go down – it’s like a game. I can really see it working for us. We’re so grateful. It will change our lives.” DM and RM


Self employed borrowers

It’s often difficult for self-employed people to communicate business operations and cash flow to the banks. Providing evidence of your capacity to repay the loan can also be frustrating and time consuming.

We’ve provided credit advice to hundreds of self-employed borrowers since we began, so we understand the challenges and have a range of options to overcome them.

Although it may not be a major bank that approves your loan, there are plenty of competitive loan options on our panel of lenders.

“Being a building company, it is not always easy to get a loan, especially being self-employed and needing construction funds. We have worked with Invictus for over a decade now as they understand how a self-employed business operates and how the banks will treat our situation. Not only does they get our loans done, we have happily recommended their services to our clients as well.” CY

First home buyers

Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of our work is helping first home buyers take the first step on their financial journey. We receive hundreds of referrals from happy first home buyers that we’ve helped over the years.

From our first meeting, we spend time discussing your plan, understanding your budget and explaining the whole loan process in language you can understand.

We have a deep understanding of the stresses and anxieties around purchasing your first home. Our team will be there to assist you throughout the entire loan process.

Connect with our team to get your started on your financial journey.

“The entire process was made so easy by Invictus. We really appreciated the time they put in from start to finish. We felt that everything was under control the entire time and this was such a refreshing service. Every member of the team who took our calls was very helpful, we have no hesitation in recommending Invictus” AH & CS

Construction loans

Building your own new home is a dream which we’ve helped many of our clients achieve.

A construction loan is different to a standard home, as the bank progress pays the builder at each stage of your build. We spend time with you to explain the whole process, not only about your loan, but also the construction process.

Connect with our team as the first step towards building your dream home.

“Honestly, it’s all about the incredible service! Above and beyond what was expected. We didn’t have the best experience with the original bank, but Invictus made the process so much easier for us and always showed that they care about your needs and frustrations. I would recommend anyone doing a construction loan to use Invictus. Without them, I think I would have torn my hair out by now.” SM

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